Download J-Drama: Kaito Yamaneko Episode 1-10 + Subtitle Indonesia (2016)

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Kaito Yamaneko

Title: Kaito Yamaneko / 怪盗 山猫
Title (English): Yamaneko the Phantom Thief
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Mystery, crime
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-16 to 2016-Mar-19
Air time: Saturday 21:00
Previous drama: Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku
Next drama: Omukae desu

What is justice? Is it about being kind? Or is it about winning? A certain man claims that "Justice is about robbing." Yamaneko is notoriously elusive, but wherever he shows up, enormous amounts of money gets stolen. Evidence of the audacious crime is left scattered all over the place. In every episode, Yamaneko the hero thiefthrows a splash of “rotten justice” in your face. Pretentiously calling himself a “genius thief,” Yamaneko is arrogant and acts like he's the king of the world. Everything he does is bold and daring, but he remains elusive. There is indeed no match for Yamaneko. He goes by one creed alone—“I will steal but I won’t deprive.” Why does he steal? Just what is he all about? -- NTV

Cast Kaito Yamaneko

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Episode 01: Soon

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fari on 01:09 AM, 25-Jun-16

dosen't have english sub?

Kpopers House Team on 04:10 AM, 25-Jun-16

The video are no sub, you can download english sub at Notes. Indonesian sub/other sub are not available

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