Download J-Dorama: Kokoro ga Pokitto ne / Crazy for Me (2015)

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Judul: 心がポキッとね / Kokoro ga Pokitto ne / Crazy for Me
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Komedi cinta
Episode: 10
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Jam tayang: Kamis pukul 22:00

Set in Tokyo, the story follows Kojima Haruta, a 40-year-old man who hits the rock bottom as he fell mentally ill which led him to lose his job, family, and even a place to live. After a certain turn of events, Haruta encounters Otake Shin, the owner of an antique furniture shop who takes Haruta in and hires him as a furniture repairman in the shop. Touched by such kindness, Haruta promised himself to try to put his life back together but kept himself isolated in order to avoid any additional stress being created. However, things suddenly starts to change as Haruta encounters Hayama Miyako, a 26-year-old woman who has a tendency to become overly dependent and extremely obsessed with a man she falls in love with... -- Fuji TV

Abe Sadao as Kojima Haruta
Mizuhara Kiko as Hayama Miyako
Fujiki Naohito as Otake Shin
Yamaguchi Tomoko as Kamoda Shizuka
Tokunaga Eri as Itoyama Fumi
Yamashita Rio as Makino Eriko
Nagase Tasuku as Tomita Ryo
Ikezu Shoko as Shoji Kayoko
Yamanishi Atsushi (山西惇) as Shirakami
Watanabe Minayo as Namino Shiori, blogger

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Episode 01: UC | Mega | Uptobox
Episode 02: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 03: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 04: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 05: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 06: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 07: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 08: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 09: Mega | UC | Uptobox
Episode 10 END: Mega | UC | Uptobox

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cc on 10:34 AM, 13-Sep-15

thanx .... cant wait the subs ... please complete it

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